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Report Shows City Overpaying for Replacement Auto Parts

Report shows city overpaying for replacement auto parts | New York Post

The city is overpaying for replacement auto parts — although it has a deal with one of the nation’s largest suppliers, according to an audit released Monday. And the parts aren’t being delivered on time, said Comptroller Scott Stringer. The Department of Citywide Administrative Services, which oversees the city’s vehicle fleet, signed a five-year contract in 2013 with Genuine Parts Co. to deliver parts to 60 agencies.“DCAS has an obligation to make sure the vendor delivers the right parts at the right time, and that it gets the parts we need at the best price. But our audit shows that DCAS doesn’t even check,” Stringer said.

As part of his audit, Stringer surveyed some of the agencies that get parts through the DCAS contract, and four reported prices “were higher than those of other suppliers.” And the company’s “delivery times consistently fell short of its contractual performance obligations,” the audit found. In response, DCAS claimed that it already “regularly” produces comparison reports, but it agreed to “work to increase the frequency of these comparisons.”

The Genuine Parts did not return calls.

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