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President Colangelo Testifies Before NYC Council on Oversight & Maintenance of Unified Fleet

On Thursday, Jan. 29, President Joseph A. Colangelo was one of many who testified before the New York City Council Committee on Sanitation and Solid Waste Management and the Committee on Governmental Operations on the problems with the oversight and maintenance of the NYC unified fleet.

“Good afternoon. My name is Joseph Colangelo, I am the President of Local 246 SEIU. I represent 1,377 auto trade workers employed by the City of New York. I want to thank this committee for holding this hearing on such an important matter.  I am here to voice my genuine concern over the deterioration of the City’s ability to maintain and repair its essential motorized fleet. And I am here to shed light on the City’s wasteful and potentially dangerous new efforts to utilize private vendors to repair sophisticated and complicated equipment and to replace experienced auto mechanics with my union’s auto service worker title.  A title which is not trained or qualified to perform auto repair work.

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Photos: Michel Friang Photography

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