New York City Local 246

Service Employees International Union, AFL-CIO, CLC

Sentinel Salvatore Brucculeri

Sal Brucculeri is a union guy through and through. While still in Automotive High School, he worked part time in the Parks Department in a program that allowed him to attend classes one week and work the other week. He did this until he graduated from Automotive in 1985. Not only did this afford him real-life work experience, but also gave him an introduction to the union. For the following two years, from 1986-1988, Sal was a Provisional Senior Auto Service Worker at the Department of Sanitation. Following, he was an Auto Service Worker in both Sanitation and DEP until 1997. Since that time, Sal has been an Auto Mechanic at Sanitation. During his time as a Local 246 member, he started attending union meetings to gain knowledge and understanding of how the union works and what it offers to members. Seeing the benefits of being involved, Sal became a Shop Steward in October 2012. Since 2015, Sal has been actively involved in making sure Local 246 has a strong participation in the annual NYC Labor Day Parade. He was appointed by the Executive Board in January 2018 as Sentinel.

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