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NYC Dept. of Sanitation Hiring Sheet Metal Worker

The New York City Department of Sanitation is hiring one Sheet Metal Worker (title code 92340) for work with the Bureau of Building Maintenance. The Bureau of Building Maintenance (BBM) is responsible for the repair and maintenance of more than 200 facilities throughout the five boroughs. A Sheet Metal Worker is responsible for developing patterns and templates in fabricating complex shapes and forms. Erects and repairs structures such as ducts, metal ceilings, tanks and roofs. Sets and erects sheet metal structures such as canvas connections and dampers. Repairs metal leaders and gutters. May also do simple rigging in making these repairs. Starting salary is $376.53 P/D.

Qualifications include five years of full-time experience acquired within the last 15 years as a Sheet Metal Worker; or three years of such experience acquired within the last 10 years plus sufficient helper or apprentice experience or relevant education acquired in an approved trade or vocational high school to make up the equivalent of five years of acceptable experience. Six months of acceptable experience will be credited for each year of helper or apprenticeship experience or relevant education.

Must apply via or city employees apply via Employee Self Services

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