New York City Local 246

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NYC Dept. of Sanitation Hiring One Machinist

The New York City Department of Sanitation is hiring one Machinist (title code 92610) for work at its 500 Hamilton Avenue location in Brooklyn. The hours/shifts will vary. Salary is $277.04 P/D. To qualify an applicant must have five years of full·time satisfactory experience acquired within the last 15 years as a machinist; or at least 2 1/2 years of full·time satisfactory experience acquired within the last 10 years as a machinist plus sufficient full-time experience as a machinist helper or an apprentice machinist, or training of a relevant nature acquired in an approved trade, technical or vocational high school, to make up the equivalent of the remaining required experience. Six months of acceptable experience will be credited for each year of helper or apprentice experience or approved trade or vocational high school, up to a maximum of  2 1/2 years. To apply, go to To download the flier with more detailed information, click here.

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