New York City Local 246

Service Employees International Union, CTW, AFL-CIO, CLC


Monday, January 29, 2018

5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Transfiguration Hall

64-14 Clinton Avenue, Maspeth NY 11378


Class is free for Local 246 members. The fee for non members is $50, payable only by money order, made out to SEIU Local 246. No checks or cash accepted. No registration is required.

Parking is available five blocks away at St. Stanislaus parking lot where union meetings are held.


City Reopens Filing Dates for Two Titles, Adds Two More

For those who did not file during the September 6-26, 2017 filing period, the City has reopened the application dates from November 1-21, 2017 for the titles of Auto Mechanic and Auto Mechanic Diesel. The City also added application period filings for two addition titles of Auto Machinist, and Auto Machinist (Prom).  All filing periods are the same for each exam. For more detailed information on each position and how to file:

Auto Mechanic
Auto Mechanic Diesel
Auto Machinist
Auto Machinist (Prom)

Practice Exams for Machinists

For those interested in taking the upcoming Machinist exams, we have assembled practice questions in two PDFs. Please feel free to download and use to guide you with your studies.

Practice Exam 1                         Practice Exam 2

Report Shows City Overpaying for Replacement Auto Parts

Report shows city overpaying for replacement auto parts | New York Post

The city is overpaying for replacement auto parts — although it has a deal with one of the nation’s largest suppliers, according to an audit released Monday. And the parts aren’t being delivered on time, said Comptroller Scott Stringer. The Department of Citywide Administrative Services, which oversees the city’s vehicle fleet, signed a five-year contract in 2013 with Genuine Parts Co. to deliver parts to 60 agencies.“DCAS has an obligation to make sure the vendor delivers the right parts at the right time, and that it gets the parts we need at the best price. But our audit shows that DCAS doesn’t even check,” Stringer said.

As part of his audit, Stringer surveyed some of the agencies that get parts through the DCAS contract, and four reported prices “were higher than those of other suppliers.” And the company’s “delivery times consistently fell short of its contractual performance obligations,” the audit found. In response, DCAS claimed that it already “regularly” produces comparison reports, but it agreed to “work to increase the frequency of these comparisons.”

The Genuine Parts did not return calls.

President Colangelo Touts Union on Radio Show

President Joe Colangelo was a guest on the Labor Press radio show on May 28, whereby he was able to speak about the great work of Local 246 members in keeping New York City rolling. “It was an opportunity for me to promote our members and let listeners know about the services we provide, the skill set we need in order to do our jobs, and the crucial role we play behind the scenes. We aren’t on the front lines, which means New Yorkers don’t always realize that without us, there wouldn’t be anyone to keep New York City rolling.” To hear President Colangelo’s interview, click here.

Union Members Discount for Daily News

Daily.News.Discount.Flyer.Union members can get the Daily News delivered to their homes for a deeply discounted rate. Now is a good time to take advantage of this opportunity. To subscribe, call 866.693.6911, or go to The source code to receive the discounted rate is FL52 UNWK0199. Click here for PDF of the flier.



City Gives Workers 4 Paid Hours for Cancer Screenings

City of New York employees now are entitled to excused leave to undertake a screening for breast or prostate cancer. Effective July 21, 2016, employees of the City of New York are entitled to take an excused absence for prostate cancer screenings under Chapter 96 of the Laws of 2016. Effective September 25, 2016, City employees will be entitled to take an excused absence for breast cancer screenings according to Chapter 74 of the Laws of 2016. Both laws were enacted to include City employees among public employees entitled to take excused leave for these cancer screenings. These provisions permit employees to take a paid leave of absence for a sufficient period of time, not to exceed four hours, on an annual basis to undertake either of these screenings. The entire period of leave is excused leave, not to be charged against any other leave that the employee is entitled to receive.

WTC Registration Re-opened Until September 11, 2018

Governor Cuomo has signed a bill to amend both the Workers’ Compensation and the Retirement and Social Security law permitting those who have yet to file their Notice of Participation registration forms to now do so with both systems. This will allow members to take advantage of the presumptions that come with filing those claims. The new deadline to file a WTC-12 form with the Workers’ Compensation system and a Notice of Participation form with the applicable Retirement System is September 11, 2018. For a NYCERS form, please call 347.643.3000. For Workers’ Compensation forms, please call Jordan Ziegler, Esq. at 800.692.3717, the Union’s Workers’ Compensation attorney.

Labor Unions, Waning Nationwide, Stay Robust in NY

Despite all the attention that has been paid to the union-backed campaign for a $15 minimum wage, the national decline in organized labor has persisted. Still, for three straight years, New York City, the birthplace of the Fight for $15 movement, has bucked that trend, according to a report that was to be released on Monday.

Nationally, fewer than one in nine workers is a union member, a share that has decreased slowly and steadily for more than 15 years, the report says. But in New York City, more than a quarter of workers are unionized, the highest proportion since 2007, according to the report.

“New York continues defying the law of gravity,” said Ruth Milkman, a co-author, with Stephanie Luce, of the annual report, titled “The State of the Unions.” Ms. Milkman and Ms. Luce are professors at the Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies at the City University of New York.

To read full story, click here

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