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Upcoming Mechanics Test Training Classes

Local 246 is holding test training classes for the upcoming Mechanics test. Training will be held at St. Stanislaus Church, 61-17 Grand Avenue, Maspeth, NY. in the school auditorium located on Grand Avenue. Entrance is from the parking lot. The two dates for classes are Tuesday, October 30 and Thursday, November  8. Click here for more information.

NYC DCAS Annual Exam Schedule Through June 30, 2019

The following are exam titles and application periods recently released by the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services that pertain to Local 246 titles. To see the entire list, click here.

Auto Mechanic (Exam #9009)
Application Period: 9/5/2018 – 9/25/2018
Open Competitive

Auto Mechanic (Diesel) (Exam #9010)
Application Period: 9/5/2018 – 9/25/2018
Open Competitive

Auto Mechanic (Diesel-Prom) (Exam #9506)
Application Period: 9/5/2018 – 9/25/2018

Auto Mechanic (Prom) (Exam #9505)
Application Period: 9/5/2018 – 9/25/2018

Automotive Service Worker (Exam #9004)
Application Period: 8/1/2018 – 8/21/2018
Open Competitive

For Civilian WTC Workers: Sick-Leave Bill Stalled By Mayor’s Opposition

The Chief: By BOB HENNELLY, Jul 2, 2018

Despite unanimous approval in the State Senate, a bill to grant unlimited sick time for civilian public workers afflicted with World Trade Center-related illnesses did not even get a vote in the Assembly after Mayor de Blasio opposed it, according to its backers. An estimated 15,000 civilian civil servants worked in proximity to thousands of police officers and firefighters during the WTC response and recovery. Under union contracts, Police Department, Fire Department and Department of Sanitation uniformed employees already enjoy unlimited sick time for line-of-duty injuries or exposure.

Golden in Senate, But…

In the Senate, the bill was sponsored by Martin Golden and passed 63-0 back in May. But it foundered in the Assembly, where it was sponsored by Assembly Member Stacey Pheffer Amato. Her office did not respond with a comment. A legislative memo circulated in Albany by the de Blasio administration opposing the bill conceded that the recovery work performed by the civilian employees was “heroic” and “vital” but added that “the bill has an unknown cost to the City, since it is not discernible which employees are now or may in the future be eligible to receive this new benefit.”

The Mayor’s Albany representative also faulted the measure for providing “a vague series of administrative determinations which would likely create confusion if implemented. For example, the bill provides for reliance on the notice of participation, which has no relation to a determination of whether or what illness or injury an employee has incurred.”

The memo continued, “In addition, the bill is silent as to who, if anyone, would be responsible for making a determination that an employee has developed a World Trade Center condition. The bill is likewise silent as to whether there is any threshold level of severity that any such condition must meet or whether this sick leave can be denied in the event that the condition is demonstrably unrelated to the World Trade Center disaster.”

Who Would Be Covered 

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September 11, 2018 DEADLINE to File for 9/11 Related Benefits

If you were one of the Local 246 members who worked on New York City vehicles immediately following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, you must keep reading. There are a variety of benefits available for those who were involved with rescue, recover, or cleanup on or after 9/11, but there are deadlines to file forms — and some of those deadlines are fast approaching. You may be eligible for free healthcare and compensation if you were present:

1. At Ground Zero
2. In Lower Manhattan, south of Canal Street
3. In any area related to, or along, debris removal routes (piers, barges, etc.)
4. At the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of New York City, or temporary morgues; or
5. You maintained, repaired, or cleaned WTC-contaminated vehicles or equipment

WTCHP Application — No deadline. Apply anytime
WTC-12 (Workers’ Compensation Form — Deadline to file  is September 11, 2018
NYCERS Form 622 — Deadline to file  is September 11, 2018

To see all the information associated with each benefit and how to apply, click here.

Help a Member In Need

One of our fellow Auto Mechanics, 27-year-old Steven Walla, who has been employed with the NYC Parks Department since 2015, was recently diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. He has quickly used up all of his accumulated vacation and sick days as he undergoes treatment.

We are asking everyone to please consider donating leave time to him, as you are able (especially if you have excess time), so his pay and medical benefits continue while he is seeking his much-needed care.

The Dedicated Sick Leave Program is available for employees in titles eligible for collective bargaining, in Mayoral agencies, to voluntarily donate sick leave and/or annual leave for use as sick leave by a seriously ill or injured eligible employee who has been designated by the donor. Eligible recipients may receive up to 180 days of paid sick leave in any one-year period. Covered employees may also donate leave to, or receive from, managers and other employees in titles not eligible for collective bargaining, who are covered by the Salary Continuation Program.

We ask you to please donate time if possible as we all know an illness can be a big burden on a person and his family. Any amount of time donated will help alleviate some of that burden and will be greatly appreciated in this time of need.

Applications are available through your Shop Steward or by clicking here. Please take your completed application to your agency’s Human Resources Department who will then forward those applications to DCAS for processing.

NYC Dept of Sanitation Hiring 3 Auto Mechanics (Diesel)

The NYC Department of Sanitation is hiring three Auto Mechanics (Diesel) with title code 92511. These are 40-hour-per-week jobs with a salary of $277.04 – $322.40 P/D. To apply, submit resume with cover letter to or city employees apply via Employee Services. New York City residency is required within 90 days of appointment.

President Colangelo Touts Union on Radio Show

President Joe Colangelo was a guest on the Labor Press radio show on May 28, whereby he was able to speak about the great work of Local 246 members in keeping New York City rolling. “It was an opportunity for me to promote our members and let listeners know about the services we provide, the skill set we need in order to do our jobs, and the crucial role we play behind the scenes. We aren’t on the front lines, which means New Yorkers don’t always realize that without us, there wouldn’t be anyone to keep New York City rolling.” To hear President Colangelo’s interview, click here.

WTC Registration Re-opened Until September 11, 2018

Governor Cuomo has signed a bill to amend both the Workers’ Compensation and the Retirement and Social Security law permitting those who have yet to file their Notice of Participation registration forms to now do so with both systems. This will allow members to take advantage of the presumptions that come with filing those claims. The new deadline to file a WTC-12 form with the Workers’ Compensation system and a Notice of Participation form with the applicable Retirement System is September 11, 2018. For a NYCERS form, please call 347.643.3000. For Workers’ Compensation forms, please call Jordan Ziegler, Esq. at 800.692.3717, the Union’s Workers’ Compensation attorney.

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