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Help a Member In Need

One of our fellow Auto Mechanics, 27-year-old Steven Walla, who has been employed with the NYC Parks Department since 2015, was recently diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. He has quickly used up all of his accumulated vacation and sick days as he undergoes treatment.

We are asking everyone to please consider donating leave time to him, as you are able (especially if you have excess time), so his pay and medical benefits continue while he is seeking his much-needed care.

The Dedicated Sick Leave Program is available for employees in titles eligible for collective bargaining, in Mayoral agencies, to voluntarily donate sick leave and/or annual leave for use as sick leave by a seriously ill or injured eligible employee who has been designated by the donor. Eligible recipients may receive up to 180 days of paid sick leave in any one-year period. Covered employees may also donate leave to, or receive from, managers and other employees in titles not eligible for collective bargaining, who are covered by the Salary Continuation Program.

We ask you to please donate time if possible as we all know an illness can be a big burden on a person and his family. Any amount of time donated will help alleviate some of that burden and will be greatly appreciated in this time of need.

Applications are available through your Shop Steward or by clicking here. Please take your completed application to your agency’s Human Resources Department who will then forward those applications to DCAS for processing.

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