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Educate, Engage & Activate for Election Day

The New York City Central Labor Council will host a series of volunteer activities throughout the 2021 Election cycle in NYC to educate, engage and activate members of union households.  

With such a huge turn-over of representation in elected positions throughout the city, it is critical we elect public servants who will put working families first. Help reach union members and their households to ensure they know when, where, and now with the process of ranked-choice voting, HOW TO VOTE in the upcoming elections.

For more information on who the NYC Central Labor Council has endorsed, please visit

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The NYCCLC LaborVotes! initiative focuses on educating, engaging and activating union members’ and their households’ ability to cast their ballot for labor-endorsed candidates. LaborVotes! is the member-to-member electoral program of the NYC Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO.  

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