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Auto Mechanic Shortage Puts New Yorkers At Risk During Winter Storms

When the next blizzard hits the city, there won’t be enough Auto Mechanics to do the hard work of keeping the Sanitation Department’s trucks and snow equipment up and running.

That’s the message Local 246 President Joe Colangelo has been sending for years on behalf of his overworked members to DCAS and Fleet Management — but they aren’t listening.

The City has made DSNY Auto Mechanics responsible for an ever-increasing amount of snow equipment like salt spreaders and plow trucks, but has refused to hire adequate personnel to keep up with the workload. Colangelo said City records indicate there were 577 pieces of equipment in 2013 that fell under the purview of Local 246 members, but nearly double that just four years late with 1,037 in 2017. The problem is that the manpower needed to operate, maintain, and repair this equipment has not even come close to keeping up. As Local 246 started pointing out years ago, the industry standard calls for a 7-to-1 ratio of equipment to Auto Mechanics at a bare minimum; yet, the ratio at the Department of Sanitation is twice that level. Even Sanitation officials agree that the problem has peaked.

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